GATE 2.0: The Read/Write Web in Gifted Education

This wiki was created to support the presentation of "An Introduction to The Read/Write Web in Gifted Education" by Mark Wagner for the OCC GATE conference at UCI on October 24, 2006. Please feel free to fix any mistakes or add any additional resources by clicking on "edit this page" above.




Create a free educational blog -
Search for educational blogs - or
More info on educational blogs (including great examples!) -
Sample Blogging Parent Letters -
Must read blogs about the read/write web in education: and
Mark Wagner's blog about educational technology and life -

Create a podcast for free -
Free Podcast Recording and Editing Software -
Search for educational podcasts - (Or search iTunes!)

Create a free educational wiki -
Access (and contribute to) the Wikipedia -
Eva Wagner's Houghton Mifflin Wiki -
Dave Conlay's Aristotle-Experiment -
Dan McDowell's Wiki Projects (History/Social-Science) -

Annotate, save, and share bookmarks (favorites) online -
Upload, tag, and share images online -
Search, upload and share video online -
Online office suite (for collaboration) -

Social networking - (See also the educational alternative
Social networking for educators with iSights -

Information literacy resources -
Cyber bullying resources -
Alternative copyright options -
Fraud and identity theft resources -
Resources related to stalkers and predators -
Resources related to DOPA legislation -


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